What is Llama Punter?

Llama Punter is a blacklisting system for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is a direct replacement to UTAN which shut down years ago. Llama Punter is a combination of our master server, our web site, and the community admins that runs as a mutator on your server. We have modified our system to work with UTAN Ban Manager, although you must get the special version from our downloads area for it to work properly. It is designed to give you more control over your server, whether you have just one or you have a hundred servers or bans.

So if I register for an admin account I can add a global ban?

No you cannot. Global bans are reserved to be added by a few people. If we allowed everyone to add global bans people would be getting globally blacklisted as a source of revenge or other silly reasons and for that reason global bans can only be added by administrators. That doesn't stop you from being able to recommend a ban upgrade. You can do so in the forums. We will take a look at the GUID and see if it is willing, don't be surprised if it gets rejected though.

What can someone get globally banned for?

  • Aimbotting (being caught by a LPN Super Admin, or by 3 or more LPN Admins)
  • Use of Radars (being caught by a LPN Super Admin, or by 3 or more LPN Admins)
  • Racism (being downright disrespectful to other cultures on purpose to cause trouble)
  • Threatening Players/Admins (death or killing outside of the game)
  • Exploiting or intentionally causing problems on a server.

They will NOT get banned for spamming, being annoying, or just being a troll. You can ban him on your server and that is that.

How long does it take for a new ban to take effect?

Each time a server with our mutator running changes maps it pulses our server and we send it the most up to date ban list. If you add or remove a ban since the last map switch that will reflect there. Every map it gets a fresh list.

How can we trust you?

Trust has to be earned with us, we understand this. Ask any of the 30+ servers that run our mutator, we run it with the upmost integrity and fairness. We do not play favorites and operate by a set of rules for everyone. Players hate us for it, but core services like this need solid rules.

How do your Piracy Algorithms work?

It's a combination of time, IPs, Countries detected. If a key travels too much it can be automatically blacklisted.

Do you block Proxies?

There is a manual list you can get that helps block proxies, but we do not recommend it as it is buggy.

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