What is Llama Punter?

Llama Punter is a ban management and analytics system for Unreal Tournament 2004. This project was started when UTAN was being shut down. Llama Punter was designed to take over where UTAN left off. We built the same core features and then added on top of it with other innovating features. You can manage all your bans in one central location. You can also learn more about a player and other names they have used. The whole system is built to keep people honest. As time went on we added additional features that we thought would be helpful for admins, like an API for checking if players are verified, and our hybrid redirect option.

So if I register for an admin account I can add a global ban?

Nobody but super admins can add global bans into the system. We typically do not add bans anymore unless there is rampant cheating from that key. Admins can choose to also whitelist a key so let it pass through or ignore our global blocklist all together. So many choices!

How long does it take for a new ban to take effect?

Each time a server with our mutator running changes maps it gets a fresh copy of bans from our server. If you add or remove a ban since the last map switch that will reflect there. Every map it gets a fresh list. If our system happens to be down, it would keep what is in memory.

What information do you collect?

We collect publicly accessible information plus your IP address which we hide for your protection. This is all information that a server admin would get if you joined. Your IP addresses are masked from public view. Every person with an operator account can use our "Analytic Explorer" tool to sift through information. Your name, guid, ip, server address you joined, server ip, map name, server port, and time you joined is all recorded.

For the purpose of verifying IDs we request you enter your CD-Key. The key is never written to any database, and simply used to convert to a GUID. This is a great way to prove ownership of a key. A verified key we do have your email, but that email is hidden and only used by us if there is something pressing (which we doubt will ever happen), and if/when we expand further options with your verification, that is how you sign in again to edit things.

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