Need Support?

Llama Punter, while actively maintained, does not have a direct area for support (anymore) due to the volume of players in the game dropping. If you are looking for assistance with Llama Punter, please reach out to SgtMuffin. You can reach him on the PWC-Gaming Discord Server, through Twitter, or email We want to keep everything working.

Please remember the following when contacting him:

1. If you have a global ban on your account, those bans will not be removed (so don't bother messaging him). If you wish to play on someone's server that subscribes to our blacklist they can add your GUID into their exception list, and that means you'll be allowed to join their server.

2. If you are banned by another admin, we cannot do anything about that. We are just the platform. If you're banned on a community's servers contact them directly, they have the power to remove their own bans if they feel it is deserved. We do not mess with other's ban lists.

3. If you run into problems please report it right away. Any problems we want to fix same day where possible. We cannot stress this enough!

Trying to find your GUID?

There are two options. If you just want to check your account history, try joining ANY server running llama punter (see the "active server" list for servers that use us) and then upon you fully loading into that server your name will show up on the llama punter homepage. Click on your name and you'll see your report.

If you want the GUID directly, open up UT2004. Go to settings, then game. At the bottom of that screen you'll see "Unique ID / Messages". It's labeled as xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx (we don't use the dashes though) it's 32 characters (minus the dashes). That is your unique identifier based off of your CD-Key you're using.

If you know your GUID you can search here.

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