Become Verified✅

With Epic Games shutting down the master server and key generators being completely valid to use, getting verified with the Llama Punter system adds credibility to your account and helps you to further prove your identity as trustworthy.

How it works:

Our automated process only takes a minute or two. You will need your CD-Key, Playername, and your Email. Our system will determine the GUID used for that key, and after verifying the email we send you, your account will be validated.

Isn't my CD-Key private?

Yes it is. We never save it, our server immediately takes and hashes it to find the GUID much like your game does when you run it. We know that by you supplying us the CD-Key and having it match, it's the easiest way to validate the identity. Some random player is not going to be able to verify your account for your unless they know the full CD-Key.

What does getting verified do for me?

As of right now this is a pilot program. Our developers are working on an updated version of UTComp which will have validation built in, as well as a new version of UTAN which allows administrators to set parameters. Getting verified also gets a special message at the top of your report page for your GUID, take for example, this page.

Can everyone be verified?

No. For obvious reasons accounts that are using keys that are globally banned or have triggered our piracy algorithm cannot be activated. An account that's shared across the seven seas knows no name! Yarrr... If you want a new CD-Key it's not too hard, there are several keygens publicly available to make new keys. These keygens did not produce online compatible keys, but when Epic shut down their servers, there is no way to validate keys anymore... as long as you make a key that passes a very simple check, it will be allowed. This page talks about one of them.