Let's Get Verified!

Welcome to the verification process. This page is where you will supply your game's CD-Key to us. We do not store your CD-Key. We immediately convert it to your GUID (used for online identification), that GUID is then registered to you. Your key will not be able to be verified if it is globally banned or considered a stolen key.

Curious how to get your CD-Key? It's in the registry (or on the physical box). Browse to "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Unreal Technology\Installed Apps\UT2004" There is a CDKEY value that contains your CD-Key. This is where you can change it if you need to, also.

Your CD-Key

Your Email Address (This is only if our admins need to reach you, we do not publish this)

Your Player Name (Offensive names can get you blacklisted)

And a good ol' Captcha

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