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Current Stats: 834162 Unique Player Records | 1577 Global Bans | 902 User Bans
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Most Suspicious Keys
Rank GUID Names IPs Countries
1 71d5bc2350a20816a36b2cd2c7ee76ec 6513 9097 72
2 d918c03e2bb4a45ccc99131d630d9274 1257 1796 57
3 32af618f3ba1ef8264f8deefed08553c 1177 1320 55
4 651fb1cc06f1e0777a53585b987dcf7b 1342 2092 55
5 3241ecbaa16d29c2707b6ba7458479b8 711 1019 50
6 50215410a14df913601e478371eeee6c 573 830 30
7 82e288ec1c8aa2761ab6612fd128e493 577 673 25
8 f79a957444e7279940699461ae9d10df 189 272 19
9 cbbdaf760e84712db9c3ff48926bad51 199 403 18
10 f5eb7f38396f7490ff88ac5b6689d901 281 390 18
11 c74090e6dd392beb15893e308bfe51ee 55 58 17
12 108d67d539c12337189868ce560c0895 383 783 16
13 7ec2d44831a439a8baa85f4f708401db 130 137 15
14 f12fe0dca0407b79ce0dc8607276ed6b 351 668 15
15 86252e47ed13c05665770da9623ec774 463 666 14

Knowledgeable Tracker & Plenty of Servers

Several of the leading UT2004 servers use the Llama Punter Network to clean up their server from known aimbotters and hackers. While we are not 100% effective, we help stop a great deal. Our tracker system has collected hundreds of thousands of records to help you track impersonators, pirated keys, or bans from other servers.

Nearly all features are optional for server admins.

If you don't want to use our global ban list you don't have to, you can also just not subscribe to any bans and just help report player joins and analytics to our system. You can also add exceptions if you want to allow a certain key that's on our global block list.

Used to be on UTAN?

You'll recognize so many features still here for you. Instead of the Traq system where you had to wait up to 10 minutes (and more), you can get results instantly. Users are able to search without signing up also. Admins can also search our powerful Tracker Database with TrackerTools, included with all accounts. Just like UTAN was, we have Global Bans, Server Bans, etc. All UTAN bans were ported over upon launch of our project in 2009. We believe in UT2004 as a strong community, however we still feel that cheaters will continue to do what they do best, "Pretending" they have skill, and living a very pathetic life of self loathing and depression.

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